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5 Mistakes Businesses Make on Facebook

Many small business owners understand the importance of being on Facebook, but achieving results is not as simple as it sounds. In addition to requiring a lot of hard work, a simple blunder could hurt a company’s reputation, among other consequences.


Here are five mistakes to avoid when engaging with customers on the world’s largest social network:


1. Neglecting your Facebook page.
You must stay active to achieve your social media objectives. If you fail to post regularly, you can be forgotten and lose your fan base. Instead, allot a certain amount of time each week to post quality content and engage with current and potential customers.


Spam and erroneous comments should be constantly monitored as well. When a comment is posted below a post of yours, mouse over the right side of the comment and an x will appear. Click on it to hide the comment.


2. Breaking the rules.
Yes, just like everything else, Facebook has rules to follow. If you neglect to them, Facebook can delete or suspend your account. Make sure the user name you choose is not trademarked or obscene names. You also can’t curse or threaten other users. And spamming other pages with abusive messages or sales pitches is met with consequences.


If your page gets shut down, it’s a poor reflection on your brand.


3. Being a spammer.
What kind of image do you want to project to potential customers finding you on Facebook? You shouldn’t be constantly posting about how great your products are and repeatedly post the same discounts.


For the best results, show your personality and expert knowledge. There is nothing wrong with occasionally leting people know about a new product or a sale, but don’t be a spammer. If you want to promote something new, be subtle and creative.


4. Choosing the wrong person to manage your page.
You could assign anyone with a Facebook account to manage, post, and reply on your behalf. But be careful about whom you choose as your page manager. Page managers need to be familiar with your company’s social media strategy, as well as your brand image, because they will be broadcasting information regularly to your fans. If a page manager posts anything offensive or off-the-wall, it could damage your company’s reputation. Even more important to consider, upset employees who have admin access have the power to remove you as the owner and take control of the page.


5. Ignoring your fans.
Your Facebook fans have the potential to be your biggest brand warriors — or your worst enemies — if you neglect them. If someone posts a comment on your page saying that your company took great care of him or her, be sure to express your thanks. Showing that you’re listening and appreciate feedback can encourage other fans to engage with you.


And don’t simply delete negative comments about your company. Take each one as an opportunity to turn that critic into a fan and potential customer. Respond quickly and address the issues. Let the critic know you’re fixing the problem and perhaps offer a discount on a future order. This will impress the whole community.


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