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Are Prospects Able to Find You Online?

A website that has been carefully designed to build credibility, generate leads, and encourage interaction can take a lot of time, money, and effort.


Imagine a business owner who is finally convinced of the importance of having a website. In fact, a salesman is so persuasive that the man decides to spend $10,000 to build the best site possible.


Three months later the website is finished and posted online. The salesman tells the owner to visit the site by typing in the URL ( and the business owner is overjoyed with the final product.


Two months pass by and business has not improved. The owner starts going to his site every day to check if it really is up. He then starts asking his friends to check the site and let him know if they have any idea what could possibly be wrong.


Finally, someone figures out the problem. Even though the website is always up and running, only a few people have ever visited. The reason? It doesn’t show up when prospects use search engines to find the products provided by the business. Only those who go directly to the site using the web address or by typing in the business name in Google exactly ever get the chance to visit.


Although having a professionally designed and optimized website is vitally important, it’s obviously far more crucial that the site can be found! It would be the equivalent of paying a premium for billboard ad space on a road that is hardly ever traveled. What’s worse, in the story above there are people with open wallets wanting to purchase the products provided by the business, but have no idea it exists.


We recently completed a search engine optimized website for Invisions Day Spa ( in Temple, TX. The previous site had a number of design and usability issues, besides being indexed poorly by search engines. Today you can find the site in the #1 top ranking for more than 15 different keyword phrases when using Google! This doesn’t even include the many others that also make it on the first page.


As you can imagine, these results have made a powerful impact on their business. In addition to increasing revenue, the business is gaining substantial market share from competitors in the region.


We’d love to do the same for you! Visit our contact page to see how we can help you expand your online presence.


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