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Branding Your Business

A popular twitter topic was trending over the weekend dealing with branding your business. Is your brand helping or hurting your business? Your brand is what sets you apart from the competition, but what exactly is a brand?


A brand is defined by numerous things that accumulate into how people perceive your business. A logo is one of the big ones. Despite what you may think, people can tell when your nephew designed your logo with the standard Microsoft Paint software that comes with every PC. Sure, it may deserve a prominent place on your refrigerator, but not on your business cards.


On that note, something as simple as a business card can say a great deal about your business. People can tell when you printed your business cards on cheap cardstock from your local discount store and used an online template as a base for the design. Let GPGSolutions help you develop your image into a brand that truly makes a lasting impression and always receives a positive response.


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