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How Effective is Social Media for Small Businesses?

Over the span of the last decade, there has been a perceptible shift in the way people connect, communicate, and gather their information. The advancements provided by the internet have made instant communication possible and the marketing possibilities that it opens up are staggering.

Social media is one of the best ways through which the everyday person can be reached out to and it is possible to even get immediate feedback from them, which allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. With social media becoming a more integral part of our lives day by day, it is possible to use these tools to reach out to the majority of the people in a simple way without raising costs to astronomical amounts.


How important is Social Media?


Social media is fast becoming one of the most important factors of the internet. The internet is now the most common way to gather information and even internet marketing is becoming a raging phenomenon. One of the most important facets of social media is the numerous social networks that are attracting millions of users every day.


Here are some points that will show you just how important social media actually is:

  • Out of every 4 minutes spent online, 1 of them is spent on a social networking site
  • 4 out of every 5 active internet users visit social networking sites
  • More than half of Facebook users log in on a daily basis
  • In month’s time, over 6 billion pieces of content are shared by social networks


Every marketing executive will know that one of the best forms of marketing is via word of mouth. It’s common knowledge that people are more likely to visit a new business if they have received a positive review about it from a trustworthy source. However, in the real world, word-of-mouth advertising proceeds at a slow pace.


However, the internet removes all such barriers by allowing you to showcase a quality product to a large number of prospective clients in one go. This is possible while also keeping the costs considerably low and reaching newer audiences every day by the viral nature of the internet.


GPGSolutions provides a simple example that explains the benefits of social media.

  • One customer with 500 shares one of your posts. (Immediate exposure: 500)
  • 30% of his friends share that post too. (150 shares)
  • Each of those friends has 300 friends each. (Total exposure: 150*300=45,000)


At the click of one button you have an exposure to 45,000 prospective clients. If this is the type of number you’re look for, then social media is definitely the way to go.


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