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Mobile Marketing

Nearly all your customers have mobile phones. Send them a text and you can expect 97% of them to read your message, most within minutes! Use coupons and daily deals to drive same-day traffic to your company. Reach customers anywhere, at any time, with any message. Let our team show you how to harvest the power of mobile marketing and convert text messages into fast sales.

 Mobile Marketing
You can send timely offers to your list like:

  • Contests Give away a free item or service in a weekly drawing
  • Coupons Give discounts or buy-one-get-one-free deals
  • Daily SpecialsTell customers what’s new and on sale
  • Special EventsAnnounce upcoming themes or entertainment
  • Slow Day MarketingSend a tempting incentive to pick up traffic
  • Bring-a-Friend Campaigns Reward customers who bring someone new


Promote your company’s mobile marketing program easily via your website, print ads, commercials, and table cards. All customers do is text a keyword (such as ‘pizza’) to a five-digit number and they’re automatically added to your list. As a sign-up incentive, our team recommends offering some kind of special offer right away.


You can also add the phone numbers of your customers manually (having a cellphone drawing using business cards and paper slips in a jar is very effective), and even use different keywords to distinguish between groups of customers. If your weekend crowd differs from your evening clientele, use keywords unique to each group and provide them with special offers targeted at their preferences.

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