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Should You Be On Facebook?

In 2004, Facebook was launched as a way for college students to keep in touch with their friends. Seven years later, businesses are using it as a powerful marketing tool to gain customers, improve brand visibility, and build relationships with their communities.


More than 9 million small businesses now have accounts on the social networking site. Small businesses use Facebook because it presents an enormous opportunity to reach out to customers and their network of family and friends.


Here are just a few quick statistics:


• Faceboook has over 900 million users worldwide
• The most popular website in the U.S. is now Facebook
• More than half of Facebook users log in every day
• 50% of small business owners say that they’ve gained new customers through social media
• Facebook users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow


Facebook is a smart way to market yourself as it requires minimal effort and resources. Small business owners often see significant reductions in marketing costs when using social media marketing, especially Facebook. Now any sized business can amplify their message on a scale that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.


GPGSolutions can help you create a Facebook presence that offers key information about your brand, while opening up a forum for you to interact with customers, respond to inquiries, market promotions, and keep users up-to-date on company news. Stand out with a custom designed cover photo, interactive welcome page, easy email newsletter sign-up, engaging photo albums, and more.


There’s no reason for you not to be on Facebook. With more than 70% of online Americans on Facebook (and nearly all college-aged individuals logging in every day), using Facebook is one of the smartest moves for your business. Don’t be left behind as this social network continues to grow!


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