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The Best Online Lead Generation Strategy for Realtors

According to REALTOR®, 88% of homebuyers use the Internet as a source of information. In order to be successful, many realtors are finding that they must have an online presence. However, there is a lot of competition on the web and simply being on someone else’s real estate website (like is not enough. An effective internet lead generation strategy means dominating the search engine and then converting online traffic into leads.


If you or someone you know is looking into reaching the thousands of local homebuyers using the internet to find the right agent or home, give us a call to discuss the various options. We only give a very brief overview here.


At end of 2012, our client CTX Dream Homes announced the launch of their new lead generation website There was a lot of planning involved before the site ever reached the drawing board. The online market is brutally competitive (especially when talking about real estate) and only the most though-out plans have a chance of bringing real results.


Here are some of the things we did:


1. Cost effectively add the entire local MLS database with full automation – new pages are created for new listings and existing listings stay updated

2. Require visitors to register their information in order to view more than three houses, save home searches for email updates, or take advantage of other premium features

3. Extensive keyword research before creating 50+ pages (w/ full SEO) targeting specific Google search queries like “Luxury Homes for Sale in Belton TX

4. Encourage users to reach out to CTX Dream Homes and become prequalified leads by offering a virtual tour on every listed home, making it super easy to request more information, offering updated foreclosure listings and a free report to save up to $20k on a home purchase, etc.

5. Add social media elements to encourage users to share the website with their friends and family (e.g. posting a page on Facebook that shows the home they want to buy)


This may sound expensive because of the advanced functionality and great effort, but a budget of just $3k would be plenty to get a solid start (and we don’t ask for it all up front).


If you’re interested in boosting your online presence and getting quality leads, give us a call. There are many ways to engage a targeted audience using online strategies and we’d love to help you find the best one.


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