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Virtual Building Customizer for Websites

building customizer toolAs a person in the building industry, you know helping clients pick out the new layout for a building can be repetitive and time consuming. You may have to wait there for what seems like hours sometimes while they decide on the right color for their building, and that is just the beginning of the process. One of our existing customers wanted to address this, so we created a new tool that you can use to cut costs, save time, and get more sales from your customers.


All of these problems can be fixed with new tool that can help your clients build their own portable building, garden shed, or mini barn, right from the comfort of their own home. Whatever building they may want, this customizer allows them to use their creativity and watch the result come to life right before their very own eyes. Want to see how simple and effective this building tool is? Simply click on the image on the right, and see the impact this can have on your business.

William Schlabach’s Opinion On The Customizer

owner of h and sWilliam Schlabach, owner of H & S Portable Buildings, weighed in on his opinion of the new tool, and of his experience when working with GPGSolutions:


“I REALLY liked the site.. I actually think it’s the biggest reason why I have been so busy lately. I don’t know how many people use the customizer, but I want people to see just how great it is! So now, I show it to all of my customers. After they see the virtual house builder, they keep on wanting to play around with it, and love what you can do with it.


You guys were so easy to work with. The team completed everything on time and made everything go really smoothly. I would recommend this tool, and your services, to anyone.”

Virtual Building Customizer Advantages

When your clients are deciding on the new layout and design of their new building, it can become stressful and time consuming. They are worried about the costs, not being happy with the final result, and the amount of work that is required. But with this new virtual builder for portable buildings, mini barns, garden sheds and other types of buildings, your clients can be relieved of these troubles due to all of the advantages this new tool brings to the table. Here are just a few:

It Saves A Lot You A Lot Of Time

save timeHow often does it take your customer, or your prospect, more than 20 minutes to decide on a color they want, while keeping you locked up in the office with them? With this customizer, everything can be done right from their computer screen before they come to visit you.

Customers Will LOVE The Building — Before They Even Call You

close easierWhen trying to sell the product, the customer obviously has to want what you are trying to sell to them. But what if they have already sold themselves?


That’s the potential that this virtual builder tool brings to the table. Instead of spending time trying to even sell the prospect, and not even being sure if they will end up buying, they have already designed it. By the time they call you, they have sold themselves, and you can close the deal so much faster, giving you more time to focus your energy on increasing your sales rate.

Your Customers Can See What They Are Buying

peace of mindWith this product, the prospect doesn’t have to worry if the end design doesn’t turn out as they hoped. Instead, they can see exactly what the final design will look like, right in front of their very own eyes. This will help a lot with overall customer satisfaction once the building is completed.

We Can Save You Half The Price Because the Main Part is Already Built

half the costInstead of spending $4,500+ while hoping for the same result H & S Builders has experienced, we can do a full customizer tool for $2,150. You cut the cost in half, and you don’t have to worry about getting less than you expected..


This price even includes using a picture of one of your buildings. If you want to do multiple buildings or upgrade to a 3D revolving tool so customers can see all sides, let us know because we can handle that too!

Color Selection Is On Us

setup is easyWe can do any color selection you want. All you have to do is simply mail us one of your brochures, and we can take care of the rest.


The advantages of using this product are numerous. From cutting costs, to saving time, and helping you sell your prospects right away, the virtual building customizer offers so much creativity to your customers that they will feel in charge.


To try yourself, visit this link:

Can Be Added To Existing Site, Or Build A Whole New One

works on any websiteIf your current site is getting you the results you need, then you don’t need to worry about this tool causing any problems. We can simply add this tool to your existing site to give you more clients and more sales – while also saving time.


And what if your current site isn’t getting you the results you want, or just needs an update?


Our team can build a whole new website for your business that will increase your results, because we know exactly what it takes. And if you simply need an update, then we here at GPGSolutions pride ourselves on being able to optimize your site to make sure that you are getting more attention, and getting more sales as a result.

Why You Should Choose GPGSolutions

test driveHere at GPG, we understand your business. You won’t have to spend a lot of time describing to us what your goal is. Instead, all we do is ask for company literature or an interview with someone from your team in the sales department so that we know what makes your company really special.


call for detailsWhen we know what makes your company special, we can deliver the results you need. With the help of GPGSolutions, we can escalate your company’s potential, profits, and reputation. Call us today at (866) 600-7167 to understand the impact we can have on your company. We look forward to serving you!


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